By gr on 2006-12-20

Today, this shows up on my desktop. Mrs Field's cookies. I guess they're pretty good, right? Tons of crap, brownies, cookies, all good to make me smile. But who's it from? The note said, to GR - "thanks very much for your patience this year w/ our issues." Let's figure this one out since it's unsigned. It shipped 2 day air to my house.

1) printer - we didn't have any problems this year. But maybe " issues" is a pun.
They're not that creative. No.
2) distributor - again, a great pun, but I don't know what "issues" there were exactly. Did they fuck up and not tell me and are apologizing? No.
3) past employees who are now admitting their wrong doing? Possible.
4) lawyer / accountant - maybe. There's always issues. Possible.
5) UPS or USPS - maybe. But they won't send cookies and they do suck and we do have "issues" with them. But no, I'm sure it's not them.
6) Current employee who's been a problem? Possible.
7) Doctors who couldn't fix my finger? Possible but unlikely.
8) Al Quaida apologizing to us at GR with cookies? No.
9) GW Bush saying sorry to GR? No.
10) Mrs Fields herself? Doubtful, but nice of her maybe.
11) The Earth thanking GR for helping? I'd accept that.
12) Popular Culture fans? I'd accept that too.
13) The Bank. Yes, maybe it's from the bank. Possible. We've had problems with our bank, but that only got hashed out yesterday, and this was shipped 2 day air. I'm not quite sure.
14) Maybe it's from aliens and or Yeti. We're really nice to aliens and Yeti and many paranormal topics. Maybe it just came from them. They hacked Mrs. Fields.
15) A Vendor? Again I have no idea who I had problems with. Surely some of them, but nothing that warrants such nice cookies and pastries. Probably not. We've never gotten a gift this nice from one.
16) A film festival? The issues thing is possible. We donate tons of magazines to them. Probably not.
17) My plumbing problems? Did my yard or porta-potty I rented hook me up? I wish.
18) Secret admirer who got none (therefore "issues"). Could be, but I don't know who this could be. Sorry.
19) Mean customers and evil art fans who say they're not coming back, but keep coming back? I'd like to believe this. There's been some "issues."
20) Last possible... someone who think we've had "issues" and worries about it. Meanwhile, I haven't spent any time thinking about it. Could be...

Issues... no idea, I thought I (we) had a fairly good year (I'll go through it soon in a post). Maybe it's a symbol of a great bookend to a year for GR that I thought went decently. Nonetheless, whoever I (we) had issues with, they're the bigger person for sending us a gift. Meanwhile, I'll sit and stare at these cookies and wonder.