By gr on 2006-12-17

Holiday workin'. Today was saturday and a busy shopping day at GR. I decided to help out and bag stuff, work the front, and generally try to do anything I can.

This is "small" or "little" Michelle, which means there's a "Big" Michelle. Is being known as "Big" Michelle a good thing? I think "small" Michelle is taller than the "Big" Michelle. But "Big" Michelle is louder than the super quiet "small" Michelle. Confused?

I sort of botched this shot. The kid is just staring at David who's eating his lunch in the middle of GR2. I bet the kid was blown away that Dave was munching on chicken pesto pasta with no shame. Fun times.

From what I could tell the day went smooth, not too many unhappy campers. I have the urge to reorder just about everything we're low on, but I really can't. It's too late in the year... and we have a ton of merch to check in anyway - meaning, we have tons of new stuff even this late in the year.