By gr on 2006-12-11

Maybe as amazing as the opening night is listening to the history of the Uglydolls. At one time, I counted something like 40 people, which is a pretty full house in GR2. I'm proud of the Uglydoll fans for coming out and supporting the event, GR2, and the Horvaths.

David showed a weird Little Bony clip. Dancing girls in Bony costumes. Weird! The Q and A part was great. The fans had great pointed questions about Uglydolls that I didn't know. I think David was equally surprised at some of the questions. (If you read this, thanks for stepping up to ask questions, it made it more fun)

It looked sort of like this. That's David on the laptop, we borrowed a projector (thanks Julia - I should get one of these!), old karaoke machine (thanks mom), and the screen was from Pryor.

David signed another hours worth of autographs. I'm glad everyone who came got "stuff" signed. David's the right guy to handle "stuff" like this. He'll sign forever.

whoa! This is great "stuff"

The winner of the raffle. She got not yet released items from Uglydolls! Look at Martin on the right. Thanks again, Uglyfans, you deserve a pound(a). Hope you had a good time.