By gr on 2006-12-03

Kehinde Wiley had a couple of pieces at Roberts and Tilton, and he's the same dude who rocked the billboard above Undefeated on La Brea.

Ai Yamaguchi art

Whoa dog!

Amber from 4x4 and Aaron Rose (he curates the billboard project)



Whoa, time warp. That's Tony Pierson on the right. That's his wife, and I suck for not remembering her name. Tony is a friend of mine from high school! I seldom meet high school friends and it's great to see Tony (on a side note some of Roberts and Tilton's staff went to my high school as well. But they were class of '02. It's fun talking about it since I don't very often.) he's a great guy and played in bands, and does photo among many talents. It's nice to see him and his wife.