By gr on 2006-11-27

Studio party! I'm the freeloader of the studio. I work there sometimes, at least this week, and I do nothing but take up the electricity bill. There was a party on saturday at the Yosemite studios.

Saelee created a store setting. Retail vs art. hmm!

Whoa. Danger! Waterbottle!

Souther spins tops from his collection. Did you know he collects tops?

Uh oh! Hello Kitty waffle maker and wine!

That's a souther painting about tops. There's 12 tops in the painting. Can you find them all? I don't think any tops are being blocked. That's a Saelee work about swimming.

Baseman and Calef Brown.

An intersection of Han! That's Ely on the left barely visible. Martin Cendreda is in the middle, and that's his wife Jenny. Michelle is the foreground person. Calef Brown is in the back on the right.


Whoa, tired.