By gr on 2006-11-27

Cinnamon is a fairly new vege vegan joint that's Mexican food! It's on Figueroa in Highland Park. Walking in, it's not hipster cool, it's typical new restaurant setting. Tables chairs, no music, little kids doing homework in the back sort of like day care who might yell and scream once in a while, a nice waiter guy who's probably the owner, and pretty good food. The menu is large, at the moment they have breakfast too, although the dude said they're going to change things around.

Shrimp cocktail Mexican style! You do miss out on the real shrimp seafood flavor in the cold broth, but it's not bad at all. Make sure you add Tapatio.

Pozole - I'm not quite sure what the real shit tastes like, but then you add the onions, hot sauce, turnips, and lettuce, it's good.

Fajitas. This was the prize dish of the night. With the hot corn tortillas, this was worth the trip there. The onions and peppers bring this to a high level.

Chicken leg mole. Definitely off from the Coloradito sauce I've had elsewhere, but not bad. Maybe this wasn't supposed to be Coloradito sauce, but it wasn't too dark, and was sort of red. The only negative strike was that the rice was bottom of the pot. It had a lot of dry hard as a rock pieces that spoil it. The beans were fine, and overall, this place is good.

Try the juices, of course, they're fresh ground and healthy... I didn't see Agua Fresca on the menu, but they do have Mexican hot choclate.