By gr on 2006-11-19

Julian's restaurant is like a punk rock institution in Providence. Just down the street from Armageddon records which will stock every Load Records release you can get, it's a meeting place for locals who want good food. But this isn't a restaurant review.

This was one of the many specials. Okay, so I picked a loser. This didn't do it for me. Spaghetti squash, coconut milk, tofu scramble. It doesn't sound right, does it? It didn't do it for me. The potatoes were good, but that's pretty normal no matter where you go. I don't think I've ever had ruined potatoes. They're good overcooked and mushy too. The bread was wheat and unexciting. I'm giving this place a bad rap right here, but it's actually quite good.

See how there's art on the walls?

More art on the walls towards the front window.

That's me looking at the art. Believe it or not, this where Jack Long had his first show outside of RISD, and it's where I first saw Jack's art. Since, he's moved to LA, and we've shown his work many times. He's one of my favorite artists and he'll be showing with us again at GRNY in January.