By gr on 2006-11-03

We won our softball game. Ho hum right? But tonite, in the dugout some muthafucka let out one of the smelliest farts ever. We were doing alright, I think I just scored a run, and I walked into the dugout half way triumphant in my mind. I hear a bit of laughter so I wonder what the hell I did wrong. Booger hanging out? Did I run weird again? I sat on the bench next to my glove, and I took a deep breath. NO! The laughs had nothing to do with me and my lungs were fucked for a minute. It was sort of like laughing gas, I felt a shock, then a weird euphoric energy. I think that's what everyone else was feeling too. Who done that? The big heavy dude Sean? Was it him? That belly might be a septic tank in disguise. Big Jay? My own cousin? He's got octane, he's a big fella, but he's all about the powerful sound. I think he'd be proud of it. Martin! Was it that veggie burrito? Cousin Mike? Taking Vicadin leads to gas? Captain Hap? BK the innocent? Or was it silent and deadly Jake!? I don't know his diet, and he doesn't talk much. Peg Leg Greg? Or George, the guy who hasn't played all season? That fart must have been memorable, since it's the only thing that enters my mind about the game.