By gr on 2006-10-31

Mom's birthday at Torafuku. Famous for their rice, which is cooked the old fashioned way, the meals are good. I ordered chicken and it came with a medley of onions and mushrooms. We all ordered dinner specials. The rice of course tastes like rice, but it's special flavor is subtle and classy. The appetizers that come with the special makes the meal. For the lighter eater, that's actually enough! Happy Birthday!

That's Musashi, the hyper Shiba. Musashi will chase the light from a flashlight. In this pic, Musashi was chasing the red laser light from the camera.

Sawtelle drama from Saturday. All were fine.

In the wake of soondooboo bowls, kimchee plates, beef dish, rice from the stone pots, Mike, the one armed swordsman looks puzzled.