By gr on 2006-10-17

I got to curate a show outside of GR! This is the show, Heavenly Friends is on the campus of Saint Lawrence University. Today we did a talk for those who came. The trip out was hell. 2 planes to Syracuse, then a rental car for 2.5 hours to get to Canton. It's a nice small town. Potsdam is a larger and maybe nicer and about 10 miles away. One subscriber came and she taught class in a town that's 1 mile from the Canadian border. She brought about 10 high school students. Totally cool. It's a shame a lot of you won't be able to see this show. It's a pretty cool mix, and I think it looks good. It's also great for the artists who are getting to show at a nice gallery space, and in an area that's totally new.

That's Saelee at the podium, and the room was decently full. SLU also made the show pamphlet booklet, and that's cool too.