By gr on 2006-10-13

That's our umpire from the softball game last night. We were doing pretty well, and I was doing alright, especially after not playing for a few weeks. We were up and scoring more runs, and the other team just got another run scored on them. I hit the ball to first base fairly hard, the guy bobbled it, threw it home, and Bill scored, and I hear ran into the catcher. The run scored. And then there was an eruption. White people angry everywhere. We were just watching. The umpire is in light blue, the others are on the other side of the fence arguing non stop, the game got called off early. We got the win.

Earlier in the game, there was a disputed call. The bases weren't loaded, and the other team had a dude on third. A weak hit went towards third base. The runner on third took a step or two inside the line towards the ball which was slowly rolling to third base. He saw the ball coming and got in the way. Whether he did it on purpose or not, it doesn't matter, he was called out. Since it was 2 outs, the inning was over. Actually, in softball, this becomes a double play. It's in the rule book which was pulled out. Had the runner ran in a straight line from the bag to home, he would have been fine. He had a clear lane. I was playing catcher and watched this play from a great vantage point. Don't fuck with me. Because of this, our opponents argued the whole way, until the next issue happened, which led to the first photo above. Below is the umpire explaining what the heck happened, and he's actually a good umpire. He sounded like Vin Diesel, but he rode a scooter to the field. I hope we see him again. Meanwhile, the other team might get booted (at least that's what the umpire was saying).

This is Sky Tetsuka, he used to sell life insurance, but a weird thing happened. He joined our softball team. Then another weird thing happened, he went to Nepal on business (yea right) then met a Miss Nepal honey, and got engaged to her. It's all documented on this website. So a recap. Flew there on "business" and stole the local girl that the local dudes were aiming for, and now is engaged. The local dudes hate him, really.