By gr on 2006-10-10

So it's blog time again, and blogger is acting weird. Why won't the pic load up? What's wrong with them? I have a juicy post to show you, but you can't see it. I swear, I photographed an alien. It abducted me and I went into the ship and I shot pics the whole time and they really came out. But blogger won't let me upload them right now. Why is it that I upload them, and no image comes out? I guess maybe it's because it's pictures of aliens and their ship? Anyways, so I got beamed up and it was amazing and colorful, the shots look great. After I went inside, I hung out with these people, and their food was a spectacle, it tasted great, unlike anything ever, and the female-ish aliens, super hot, and they're even naked, I'd really like to show you. So then I saw the control room, fantasy playroom, game room, art, and even the jail where the misguided are, and I shot pics of everything.