By gr on 2006-09-30

Back finally, and woke up at 6am on Saturday! Saw mastodon last night, and although people label them as metal, as they should, on album, they still seem to be the missing link between metal and the hardest rock possible. Maybe it's the riffs that occasionally sound like Rush or Van Halen, but harder, then there's the vocals that's just harsh. They're metal no doubt, but still, they're a little of old, mostly new, and bring on the power. Yesterday, aside from travelling all day, yes, I left at 6am England, and got to the US at around 4pm, after 10 hrs of flying, I realized that I like to sleep on plane rides. I slept through meals, some of the movies (I tried to see 3), and missing beverages. It sucks to wake up and see your neighbors drinking something while my mouth is parched from breathing in the recycled air.

The day before yesterday, I went to Edinbrough with kozyndan. It's a nice old town with a lot of goth crap going on since that's where they built over the plagued folk way back in the 1500s. A city over the city, that's how old shit is over there. How the heck is LA so new of a city?