By gr on 2006-09-20

Must I say more? You can't find that in the US even if you paid for it. Tsukiji, fish market it is and I didn't even have to go there.

That said, I'm holding out on so much since well, some of the work here is for the mag and I can only show you glimpses of what you may or may not see in the near future. However, you can beat toro that looks like that. I've never seen anything like it. Imagine toro you've had before (I've had my share since my mother used to own a restaurant and my uncle fishes) and multiply it by at least 2.

Tomorrow, I go to HK, then all hell breaks loose. No, kidding, but it should be fine. I could use a few more days here, since I haven't even hit my regular spots I like to see, but maybe that's for next time quite soon.