By gr on 2006-09-14

I'm gonna make you hungry. I just landed in Japan and went to this all you can eat, health food place. Think about that... eat as much as you can, and it's health stuff? This spot called Keke, gives you homestyle Japanese food. It's in the Komazawa park area in Tokyo. You'll never go there on your own.

Oden (how do you describe this? It's like a hot pot of vegetables and meat), Nimono (similar to oden), nikujaga (potato and meat), salad with different dressings including an okinawa citrus dressing, 4 types of rice (I rocked the black rice even though there was white, brown, and a mixed 10 types of rice), seaweed, many types of potatoes, burdock root, raw yam with miso, tomatoes, tons of small dishes that are like pickles and such, chicken, 3 types of soup including miso, boullibaise (yeah I spelled that wrong), and curry (that's not really soup but it was good), weird fruit drinks, expresso machine, and agar agar dessert. There's a lot more I'm not even covering, but imagine, it's like a salad bar. And like Souplantation, you can keep going back, but no shitty pasta or pizza.