By gr on 2006-09-02

Do not fuck with Spanto. Close to my house but on the other side of the tracks (literally, there were tracks by my house) there were small apartments in a little complex. The rooms were typical, and it was low budget. I never went by there, until somehow, we met Spanto. I can't remember exactly where or how we met him, but we were mesmerized by him. Being something like 12-14 years old, and meeting a hard gang member was odd. Maybe it was because he was nice and friendly, or maybe it was because he was bored, did we hang out with this guy. The we, by the way, was my childhood friend Tony Lupton who's another story.

Spanto was a member of Sotel13. It was evident in his tattoos that were on his biceps, neck, forarms, and fingers. Almost any piece of paper and even on his ghetto blaster, was filled with Sotel13 tags. Some were simple S13s, Spanto, and Loquitos. The latter had something to do with his age group of dudes within the gang. He was in and out of juvenile hall, although he'd call it jail, and he was probably 16 years old. Thin, lanky, and with that mellow but sage-like Chicano-English accent, he'd tell us stories.

There were a lot, including orgies he'd have. We were kids, and were unphased, but at the same time, sort of grossed out. Cholos in an orgy. Not a great thought.

He once said, it's a lot easier to shoot a bird as compared to a fly in an analogy of shooting from a car window into a large group of people rather than at one person. He said he shot a girl in her breast.

The most horrifying story, and he did this with great detail was when they captured and kidnapped a black gang member. They were rolling in a low rider with hydraulics and placed him under the car, and bounced on him to death.

I don't know if he was full of shit, but we hung out with him a few times. I have no idea if he's still alive.