By gr on 2006-08-20

Let's beat this down now... Another fairness example pertaining to this show. (If I don't write about it now, when will I?) One fella called, maybe more than once, but it was much earlier than the show's opening, asking "I want to buy all of "so and so's Post-its. I collect his/her work." If we were all about the money, I'd sell that person all of them, sight unseen. It's easier to sell a lot to one person than individuals to many.

Mark Todd and Esther Pearl Watson curated the show

This all reminds me of the time when we sold neomu books. They're $1. I remember at Christmas time, a "designer" from another city called and wanted to buy 50 to give away for presents. First, this person is a shitty designer since shit, can't you afford a present that's more than $1? Also, don't you think that's unfair to have one person swoop in and buy the lot? Having $50 in my pocket in one shot is much better than selling 50 at $1 each to 50 different people. Think of the people power that it takes. We lose from being fair, but oh well.

Accident! I'm no longer an ambulance chaser, but there was an accident on Sawtelle Blvd across the street from GR2 during the Post It show. I'll cut to the chase, no one got hurt, so all was okay. It luckily didn't ruin the night for anyone. Be careful!

This reminds me of a time, when I went to see Jawbreaker years ago, and outside was a terrible accident. A man was hit by a car, and I think he died. I have no idea who he was, and what is legacy may be. Was he a fan of the band? Was he just some stranger? Some people came in anyway, and some left after the accident. Either way, the band played on and in some cosmic way, I hope saturday's accident (a guy getting hit by a car in front of an evening event) takes care of that type of "quota" for a while.