By gr on 2006-08-16

From Gabe Ritter-san a friend and frequent GR contributor on Sawtelle.

Eric, do you remember O-Sho's, the old-style Japanese restaurant that used to be where Tofu House is now? Might have been the same lot as "Sawtelle Fish Market" once was. That's the first place I ever had Japanese food...probably a bowl of Miso soup at age 4 or 5. My Dad always used to love that place (till it started going down-hill) and we'd always stop by Yamaguchi's for those four packs of round gum-balls and rice candy. Later on that's where I got my notepads for practicing hiragana and katakana. Sorry to see them go. I always liked the fact that they carried Dickies and underwear. Yamaguchi's was totally Sawtelle's general store.