By gr on 2006-08-15

Things come in threes. This is a huge painting by Souther that was just too big to do anything with. I thought it was a nice work as a whole, but the size was killing the deal. So on Saelee's request, the piece had to get cut down. They wanted the cat, and the rest was ours as long as we cut it. So carefully picking a spot that made two pieces come out of the remainder, here's what we got.

The girl's pants hang low and her underwear shows a little. What was Souther thinking?

Then in another weird division of art... at the Rosebowl flea market, we ran into a great set of illustrations. Done probably in the 50s with gouache, these looked amazing. They're unsigned, and were somehow associated with an advertising agency. They were asking $150, and we got em for $125. Each piece was something like a bit over $10! Cheap!

We had to discuss how these were going to be divided. We picked numbers and went at it.

This is the filmmaking/filmmaker set. These went well together in a weird way. I wonder where these illustrations went? A space-age filmmakers book?

This was the pick of the litter. It's an office room with men working and women in the background doing nothing. There's a solar system on the back wall and the green plants in the background make this piece perfect. Souther got this one.

This is the ad agency where this came from. Anyone have any info on this agency, and who may have worked on these illustrations?

This is the set I ended up with. My first pick was the top piece. Pick number 2 overall. With my 2nd pick, 5th overall, I picked the bottom image. The two looking at a meter. The colors went well with my first pick and makes a great compliment to the franchise player. The third pick, 9th overall may have been a sleeper. Instead of picking a piece with people in it, I went with a sort of Jacob Magraw looking piece with a rocket flying. I thought about picking this with my second pick, but figured it would still be around at the end. I guess this is how sports drafts work.