By gr on 2006-08-12

Business idea: One way to profit on terrorism. I thought of this, told some folks, but I'm not doing it. Fire away, it's a good idea.

Because there's a terror alert, start a company, who's services are to ship back or forward the liquid that they're confiscating at security. (are security guards just stealing the good stuff?) What if you have a limited edition Shu Uemura set? Or a bottle of Kheils? Cosmetics can run hundreds of dollars, and instead of throwing them out, I'd station one person at each of the detectors who will grab your stuff, package it, and send it on it's way. I suggest $15 or $20 per package including shipping.

So that means, $10 a head profit per person (this is conservative). Imagine at least 10-15 people an hour, maybe 20? Maybe even 30. Imagine how many people walk through these things in an hour. So this means, $200 an hour. How many hours a day? 10? 12? 15? So one person might take in $2000 a day. How many security gates are there at LAX alone? 50? So that means $100,000. How many airports are there? 100? $10,000,000 a day?

I hope you get on your planes safely and leave the liquids at home or in your bladder.