By gr on 2006-08-09

See what old Sawtelle looked like. Well, not really, it's just a hand drawn out map of what was there before. I wonder what the block south looked like. We also got a few comments on the site too. Naramura Realty is where GR1 is at now, Ben Jewelers is where GR2 is at, gr/eats must be an Ikkanda auto service.

I remember Ben Jewelers from way back and Naramura Realty was always something else, before we took it over it was Tim's printing and was a huge mess. The sign remained the same until we took it over. I wanted to keep the old Naramura Realty up there, but oh well. It just wasn't cool enough. People do say we made it look like we built the whole thing, so at least we retained the original look and didn't ruin it.