By gr on 2006-07-30

Obon highlights in WLA. From the second floor of the temple, you get a nice view of the La Grange street. This year was the pleasant return of "obon odori" to the street. Even though Obon happens every year, and most everyone has no idea what it's all about, it's still cool. I heard that because this year has five weeks in July, there's one extra weekend for Obon and that explains the increase in crowds.

The chicken is always good, if you know Jason, then you might get twice as much. The salad part is sort of half way there. Mac salad kids.

The shave ice is amazing as usual. Strawberry is the best. If you're game, get strawberry with red beans. If you're picky, get into the left line, the machine's blades shave cleaner.

Bonsai rule. If you can take care of a real bonsai plant, then you're the "man" or woman. I've seen these same trees every year. They don't change much, but it's nice to see them. Like art in a museum, it's like visiting an old friend.

Dough Ball. See the middle? Those little round holes with the colors? You bet on a color, and then the monitor rolls a basketball and then it's yelling by the kids all around - as if the basketball has ears. Bet on black! That's something like 20-1.

As it got later, the crowds thinned a bit. The Dough Ball game kept on going. I walked home and finished my shave ice.