By gr on 2006-07-28

DIY Number 17. Family.
Maybe I'll try to continue this DIY bidness thing. One thing everyone needs is a trustable and reliable helper who'll be reliable with the money. I remember whenever I'd visit FTC, or SFO, I'd see a Japanese American woman who'll greet you with a smile, and in the end, she's the one who takes care of the money. I'm sure some might think it's odd, but in the end, it's the best help you can have.

1) Many parents really want to help their kids without any ulterior motives. They just want to help. Maybe they're used to being a domestic houseperson, and now that you're older and doing your own thing, there's less for them to do.
2) Parents are curious as to what their kids do for a living. Right? I'd be curious as to what new shit's going on in the world. If I were hanging around skateboarders, decks, wheels, and cool graphics, that's all cool.
3) Parents can't really get fired nor can they really quit! If things go wrong, imagine how screwed up Thanksgiving or Christmas would be.

I've heard it across the board... "it sure would be nice if we had bookeeping help." That's where parents can come in. This isn't for everyone, but when you're not sure, parents are actually a great place to turn to for help like this.