By gr on 2006-07-28

A few images from imprint life event on wednesday. That was a long full day.

The winners of the Qee contest. The frog won! Raymond Choy and I walked around and around the 47 entries and came up with a list that we kept pairing down further and further. The winner turned out to be a kid named, Brandon Hahn (I think that's the name) from Ohio. He turned the body backwards, used the hand and the feet creatively to actually turn the Qee into something entirely different. He innovated big time. Raymond plans to turn this into a real Qee. Execution was on point, the innovation was on point too.

In the middle was the Qee by Dawn States from Oregon. Awesome work. She just did a great paint job. This was the honorable mention.

On the left was the people's choice. And it was by Brandon Hahn's brother! A talented family. I thought the execution was great, but it was Elvis, but the people who gave this the popular vote pick, thought it was fine.

Me, David Horvath, Sun-min Kim, and Raymond Toy2r.

The dreamteam of sneakerville: YuMing from, James Arizumi Nike SB, Tristan from Proper, and Woody Sneaker Freaker. They talked sneakers.

My panel that I moderated. Susie Ghahremani, Bobby Hundreds, and David Horvath.

The moderator of the sneaker panel was Josh Rubin from Coolhunting.