By gr on 2006-07-02

Portapotty is over! It's there in the backyard, and I think I'm gonna take the lock off and let anyone in the neighborhood take a free shit in it. The community toilet is on my lot. Nice. The plumbing is fixed, thanks to my dad who was the foreperson and oversaw the work done. Now, my yard is overturned, the grass is dead, and there's dirt everywhere, but I get to take a shit at home now. No more morning drives to the store, only to see my employees look at me funny since I was in, go straight to the toilet, then I leave saying stuff like, "don't go back there." under my breath.

1) So toilet is fixed. The best thing about this is now I feel connected to the city. Plumbing does that. We all share with each other, this includes public space, but none of us thinks about the plumbing aspect of it. I send a virtual handshake and hug to all of you through my turds. Feel the filth and fury!

2) Adding to the turds, is Beard Papa who opened on Sawtelle Blvd, and now shares a space with Mousse Fantasy. MF is just that, mutha fuckas. But Beard Papa, they rule. Straight up, cream shoots into the baked puff and there you have it for $1.50. Yesterday was day one, and I was there. It's a new era for Sawtelle. There was once a PREGR era, and now it's the POSTBP opening era.

3) Redd Kross. This has nothing to do with turds, except after all of these years? They're still the shit. Easy bad pun, but the band isn't easy or bad, they picked up the pieces in their first show in 9 years. Jeff McDonald sounded great, as did Steve, Robert Hecker, and Roy McDonald. Will they find their time? Redd Kross was always in a time warp. They were either too far ahead, or too far behind. Maybe the times are just right, and they'll get the arena rock headlining tour they should be on.