By gr on 2006-06-30

porta... feel the romance. at night, me a candle, the blue four walls. It's nice to be inside of the portapotty. I can hear birds chirping, raccoons bouncing around, and squirrels in the avocado trees playing in the night.

Earlier in the day, Gary Baseman made an appearance to sign his new Dunce - Pulp. It was cool to see Gary sign and talk to people. He's been underground, but at the same time, busy doing a bunch of crap including some art. Baseman and underground don't seem to match up, but he's back and gaining strength. People came, got some toys, books, and other items signed, and they got a chance to talk to the Emmy award winner. No person is too young or too old, and Gary talks to everyone.

Even earlier in the day, it was Ikea. The Swedes make a mighty fine meatball, but they also make mighty fine, cheap furniture. It's junk at times, and you are expending plenty of energy just to put the stuff together... After hundreds of dollars, we're equipping the webstore to have a new home, and my own house, will also have an overhaul. Finally! More blog later.