By gr on 2006-06-27

International gridlock at JFK. I got stuck in some. jetblue might have their own terminal at JFK, but that didn't prevent our plane being stuck at number 25 in the queue. The pilot even complained that today was the worst possible travel day for some odd reason. The only good thing about sitting and waiting for two hours is that I caught Randy Johnson throw bullets at the Braves.

After hearing all season long about the sadness of this 6'10" bolt thrower, today he was throwing 97mph. Is he back at 42? I hope so. The Yanks won, my plane had to land in Salt Lake City since we burned up so much fuel, and the lady who sat next to me had stinky breath.

The first thing I did when I got home is... use the portatoilet, with a candle. One great thing about the portapotty is that since it's hollow, the sounds from the outside echo nicely. You can clearly hear the coolest birds chirp sounds which I swear I don't hear otherwise!