By gr on 2006-06-19

Saw J church yesterday. The show was in San Juan Capistrano at a place called Coconuts. The best thing was that the local kids were huge J Church fans, but the show was sort like a "when animals attack" situation. The kids were dorks and in a band with a friend who has a club. So it's dork on dork on dork and they couldn't help but attack the show. The first band was Stonehill, a group of the dorks who can play well. The musicianship seemed on target but the music kept misfiring. Didn't quite figure out their sound, but they loved J Church. I noticed that the big television set played the NBA finals which went into overtime, then I even watched the postgame news conference, then watched celebrity Poker all without sound.

This is J Church with Asian kids who are not us, so stop thinking this.

The band even started a collection bucket to get them gas money for J Church's ride up to SF. For the rest of the night, the kids walked this bucket around in good faith. I saw very little going in. Meanwhile, J Church goes on pretty late for a Sunday in the middle of nowhere, and they rock. The sound could have been better, but overall, the energy came through. Lance Hahn and company were supposed to play Martin's wedding, but things fell through, so this was sort of like the wedding show, except J Church could have played every song they ever wrote and it would have been fine. No stoppages. After the show, we stopped at a Vietnamese sandwich place. For $1.50 we ate baguette sandwiches and even took some to go. This little 24 hour spot bakes their own bread which might be one of the better baguettes this side of France. Where's my pocket camera when I need it?