By gr on 2006-05-31

15 Sacrifice. Home or Away? (This will be the last one. I'm tired of this. Aren't you?)

One thing about sacrifice for your project isn't the fact that you're so busy, you won't get to do the fun stuff. That's a given. You won't get to see movies, bands, eat dinner, eat desserts, and generally fuck around. No, it's established that there's no time for that. But something else might happen. You won't take good care of yourself and your own "shit."

Here's an example. Right now, the plumbing at my house is fucked. The pipeline that takes all water to the city sewage system is broken. The broken section of pipe is actually located under my neighbor's driveway. Way back in the 30s, my house lot was huge and the surrounding area was farmland. So when the plots were chopped up many years later, it wasn't done carefully. So now, I have to ask my neighbor if it's ok for us to jack hammer her concrete driveway and get that pipe fixed. It'll be two days of broken concrete and one day of smelling sewage and many thousands of my dollars.

It's not the money which in the end, is going to be a lot, but it's the time to get this done. Last week, at gr/eats we had a disaster. Overnight, the water heater broke. We walked in, and there was water coming out. Luckily restaurants have drains built in the ground (you need this to get an "A" rating), so the water had somewhere to go.

So dilemma... fix the house or fix the business. Guess which won? All you have to know is that I still can't take a shit at my house right now, and no female can take a piss unless they want to drip dry. However, gr/eats has a new water heater and that means clean dishes, cleaner hands, and happy food for our customers. Sometimes, the sacrifice is worth doing.