By gr on 2006-05-25

Part 12 whilest in the publishing series.

12. Fun.

This is a light one.

Make sure you and your staff have fun making your project. Without that, forget it. You'll burn out. Work with a smile if you can. Imagine that the job of publishing is tough, but you're working on an indie project that's cool, and you like it, so doesn't that make working fun? Imagine, at a job you're spending 40 hours a week which you end up internet surfing about half of that. But publishing can take 80 hours of solid work. So basically you might spend quadruple the amount of time, but the equation is:

Good work (fun) x 4 = big awesome times. It's fun, and now it's a multiple of fun.

Shit job = shit time, all the time. I hate to say it, but a lot of people are trapped in this, and I hope that their dreams can happen.

Here's a few things that's happened during some back issues of the magazine. I can't remember the date, I can't remember the exact issue number, but I can remember the fun things we did during that time. Before it broke, we played a ton of Rod Hockey (you can get these in Canada easily, but less in the US), Ipod Rockin (connected the ipod to speakers and rocking it out), NBA playoffs (that's going on now, and we're at least two maybe three seasons into having the NBA package with Direct TV), Superbowl Guacamole (the tree comes to life every so often!) and there's more. The latest is Martin's preparing for his wedding while juggling text and images and so on (less fun for me, but I'll remember it). Some of the best times of GR is during the deadlines, when we're working a lot, but it's the fun stuff that I'll remember more.