By gr on 2006-05-05

GRSF has Myleen as the manager. Myleen is from LA, via SF, but from LA. Does that make sense? On the right, that's Heather. My short visit in SF was to help oversee a little bit of the new space next door. If you walk in, say "Hi Myleen," she's the friendliest around. It's going to be good.

A few posts back, I mentioned the crummy breakfast place, the Squat and Gobble! That's exactly what I did, I gobbled then went home and squated, for a while. Pork Store on the other hand, they give it up better. Those brown things are veggie sausage patties. The biscuits have veggie gravy. Small "+" for Haight now that I had something decent.

SF gets better and better, I think it has to do with weather, nice folks, and the easy mode of transportation. Haight is still weird (Although Kent from FTC is always cool), but it was nice to jump on a flight home, drop off my shit, and make it to the softball game.