By gr on 2006-05-02

I should be making a GRSF store appearance tomorrow wed. Haight street. Where do you eat there? SF is supposedly a culinary town, right?

A couple of weeks ago, I was hungry and desperate for something good. When in doubt, breakfast usually works 24-7. SF, especially Haight street, is a decent breakfast area. Although it's just potatoes, toast, and eggs, for a greasy morning breakfast, Haight street's (notice how I don't differentiate? - it's all the same usually. One taste one area) probably better on average than what you'd get in LA, it's a safe bet. Last time I went, I ate the crappiest Tofu scramble. The one in the picture looks great, but the one I got looked grey and it was a little sour. The potatoes were fine, the toast was as you'd expect, but how do you fuck that one up? This spot near the end of the Upper Haight area leading to the middle Haight did just that. Why did I pick that place? I swear it said there was wireless, which there wasn't. I told some locals about it, and the first thing they ask, "Was it the Pork Store?" "Was it ___?" For some reason, no one knew where the heck I ate, and that was a bad sign. So I picked the only shitty breakfast place in the area. They had the colorful handwritten chalkboard sign and everything, but chalk doesn't cook the food.

So that said, I'll be in SF. Maybe I'll eat a huge meal before I get on the plane so I won't have to eat again. Everyone told me Haight street food isn't good, but I'm still convinced something has to be alright in the area. There's Citrus Club, Pizza place, Cha cha cha... not sure... But the nice thing about being in the Upper Haight is that Cole Valley is really close by. Maybe I'll explore there.