By gr on 2006-04-28

We launched the new front page last night. I original drew this on piece of paper while eating dinner in San Francisco. The food at Medicine Eat Station was something completely different, it was a vegan Japanese restaurant and they say it's what monks at 500 years ago. I have a hard time believing that, but it sounds great. What did monks eat 500 years ago? I'm sure it was minimal everything, nothing tasted powerful, I'm sure the vegetables were plain and the sauces if any were simple. I remember eating the nigiri sushi place that was all raw vegetables and I thought it was either from a recipe by Middle Earth elves or from herbivore space aliens. The miso soup special was $6 and excellent. It was a tasty white miso and I think there was mochi in there. The almond milk drink was thick as white paint. That was a meal on it's own, and I couldn't finish it. The decor of the place was modern contemporary and huge.

I won't go on, since this was already a couple of months ago, but for some reason, sitting near a window overlooking Sutter street, I was insprired to start drawing our website. I took a photo of it, and emailed it to our webstore man, "Mike Mike." Next thing you know, it was on it's way. Was it the food? More than likely, it was because I was alone, it was late, and I had just attended a magazine conference which taught me very little, since all I did was sit there and think what we should be doing at GR, rather than listen to the panelists talk about magazine publishing 101. Back to the camera shy, "Mike Mike," you won't see a pic of him anytime soon, but he did made it happen.