By gr on 2006-04-27

Avocado tree. In my backyard is a big ass avocado tree. The shade from it darkens the entire yard, and the branches reach out to two different neighbor's lots. A month ago, my dad came over to clean up the years of leaves that accumulated on the roof from the tree, and from the leaves popped out 6 young possums. Where was the mom or dad? They're nocturnal, and neither parent was around. We put the six on the ground, some got thrown down along with the leaves, but landed safe in the big cushioned pile, and they slowly scurried off into the bushes. I hope their parents found them and they're doing fine. Meanwhile, the avocado tree is producing in big ways. In a few minutes, I can pick 10, and these taste great once they soften up. gr/eats has been using my homegrowns, and they can never disappoint. Anyone out there know about avocados? It seems like my tree produces once every two years. Is that normal?