By gr on 2006-04-26

Wayne Lo. I wrote about this mass murderer after visiting him in his prison. After the visit, I think our letters (email for me) starting turning for the worse. Shit talk like you wouldn't believe including every possible prison joke, to pimp and ho relationships, and other sick shit. Wayne of course says it's all me, and I of course say it's all him. But in the end, we're both talking mad sick shit to each other. Then I stopped, what the fuck am I doing wasting time writing crap back and forth? I suppose it's easy for me since I'm just writing a quick email. It can take all of 1 minute, but Wayne is scrawling pages and pages of shit. Sometimes a five page letter will show up with no redeeming sentences in it.

But life goes on and now he's found a new hobby! I'm always telling folks that they should work on their art, and I told Wayne the same thing. Now, a few months later, he's already selling it here. Maybe he'll set up an art show in his prison. His work is all about his one time prison band Skid Lo. Right now it's band logos and t-shirt designs.

Musically, Wayne is trapped in the late 80s and early 90s, and he's a huge Sebastian Bach fan, hence the name. After one rockin' show, the band broke up. Wayne told me that the band's guitar player was caught (red handed?) in his cell "doing it" with another prisoner a week later. Rock stars...