By gr on 2006-04-13

I just noticed, people can leave notes on my posts! I had no idea.. .anyways, this is from anonymous.

anonymous said:

i can't imagine that adidas would have the balls to put an old school black face darky coon icon on their sneakers and stand by the concept, that it's polemical "art".

there is a right time and place for these kinds of messages, and i'm not sure a sneaker is the place for it. how about a skateboard, snowboard or a t-shirt.

or maybe i'm just not avant-guarde like that.

are white people allowed to say to their black friends "how are you doin' my nigga"

My only comment to the last line is that, white and other ethnicities say this for sure. Of course it's a joke, not a great one, but oh well. I do think a shoe although a utilitarian object is now in an arena that's crossing into designer fashion and believe it or not, art. There are sneaker art shows, so this isn't too far out there.