Food in the East Coast

Stop 1. Lobster Rolls Part Deux – Seafood Haven Lobster rolls shrunk. It’s still claw meat, but the chunks got smaller. Still tasty with the cheap roll it comes on, but that’s what makes it work. No mayo, just Lobster and maybe butter. Since it’s smaller, it was on to the other sides. Crab cake sandwich! Not bad. Soft, fishy tasting since it’s real. Clam Cakes (one of their specialties) tasted better. Soft, big, with a tiny piece of clam in it. Not bad. Clam strips are good, but they’re heavily fried almost like popcorn chicken. Seafood Haven is a nicer spot that Captain Zak’s, and the menu seems bigger. I’m suggest Seafood Haven, but get the Lobster roll for the end of your meal.

Legal Seafood
is a huge chain that you’d probably see advertised in an in flight plane magazine. Tasty and with everything you want in seafood, it’s a good call. Of course Cioppino is a winner.

Julian’s It’ll always be there in PVD. But go there for brunch, it’s works better than dinner. Dinner is good, but it takes a damn long time. But the best thing about it, it’s where I met Jack Long’s work.

Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream This place has it all. It’s a shop that’s actually the last business right next to a working drawbridge. It’s arguably on the bridge! The shop is in Mystic, CT as in Mystic Pizza, which is just down the street. In the last picture you can see the drawbridge actually up. When it’s up at 40 past the hour, people have to wait about 15 minutes for it to come down, and the inviting ice cream is right there. They make their own, and they do it well.

In every big city in the US, there’s nothing as cool as this. We’re all so trapped with the rules of safety, distances that businesses can be from a bridge, and can a business be on a working draw bridge? Only in a small village town can something like this exist, and the ice cream even tastes better because of it. Too bad their t-shirts are in only ugly colors. Print it in black and you’ll sell a bunch more.