After receiving the two song files by Jason Shiga, I’ve been a bit obsessed. The man is a genius for sure if you know his comics and now he raps. On his myspace page, someone commented with this image, and it looks like a great time. So the question: WHO is the dude with the videocamera on the left? Where is this footage? Help?!

The first time I met the man, I think it was at Wondercon, he rode up on one of the most beat up bikes I’ve ever seen, his hair was a mess, he stepped in gum and it took him 20 minutes to get it off, and then he stumbled around trying to walk 10 feet. That was ages ago, and now, he’s amazing. Not everyone can decide to do rap, and I’m not saying he’s great at it, but knowing him, his style, and his personality, I never thought he’d do this, but he did. I couldn’t do this on my best day.