Fruit Snacks

Lost a softball game. Not that big of a deal, but 9-6… not enough hitting from us, and the other team earned most of their runs with hits and so forth. Sure, we had a few blunders, but so did they… but it’s the hitting, I have a lot to say, but basically, it’s frustrating. So what to do?

go to gr/eats and take part in the Cinco de Mayo celebration! Haha. Ate two tacos, a veggie taco, and a chicken taco, rice, beans, salsa, and guac and chips… Then I hit my favorite aisle in the supermarket.

Tonka?! by Betty Crocker?! I imagine this is the fruit snack for the future tough kid. The ruler of the sandbox. The alpha child. He who handles tractors will get a fat ass, drink Bud, wear suspenders, may even marry a hottie who’s hair style will remain 80′s, and not shave.
Ram Tough, I say.

Build a Bear. Ah… for the kids who can’t let go of that blanket. Ralphs makes this one… So the bear you make for yourself, because you shouldn’t suck your thumb, not crap or piss in your pants, and that old dirty baby blanket, you stuff all that in the bear, so you can feel secure. Everyone is special, you’re special, you’re a winner too! Not. (Wow I’m still mad from softball)

Avatar – ah trying to capitalize on the “Asian is cool” thing… Nickelodeon cartoons. At first glance, I thought it said Avatar The Last Hairdresser. Damn. They really blew it, my idea is better. The kids who gets this are Otaku wannabes. Contrary to the Asians nerd is now cool. If this is your choice, you’re a loner with a boner. “Alright! Avatar fruit snacks!” Schwwwing!!!

Classic. These don’t really connect, but basically, you get a 2×2 piece, which is pretty cool. The big logo is comforting. Who gets this? This is for the crafty, thinking, building type. Work with your hands, make something, change the world, think spacially, think systems, just think.
My only criticisms, where’s the regular colors? White (yes coconut flavor!), Purple?! That’s not a common color! Black! Make Black. Licorice! Wrong shade of green for sure. Orange? Eh.. I’ll give you a pass on that, but what about Grey?! What flavor is grey?

So what did I opt for? The one that was on sale. Regular plain fruit snacks. No style, just the one that was suggested to me by Pond Crosser. It’s generic.