Favorite Aisle in the Market

Super Markets can be huge food emporiums. We take them for granted unless a major disaster happens, and all of a sudden people flock for bottles of water and canned goods. Some of us have different names for them. It’s the market, the store, grocery store, or it’s a proper name, Albertson’s, Ralph’s, Von’s, Jon’s (with a silent J), Safeway, Kroeger’s, Meijer etc.

When I go, I realize, I start off in produce, fruits, vegetables, then it’s off to the wanna be healthy area, then it’s to the Vitamin water and juice area, I might get sparkling water… Then I check out the meat area, then I bypass all of the frozen, and I check out the canned area, if I want anything, if not, then it’s to the last aisle, cereals and fruit snacks. Of course, the fruit snack part isn’t heavily marketed as it’s own section. But it’s a great one.

The variety is kick ass. Movie tie-ins, Fruit by Foot, fruit snacks, plain brands, Sponge Bob, Fruit Gushers, and so much more.

Today was Hello Kitty’s day. Kellogg’s is rocking Hello Kitty in the fruit snacks category. It wasn’t on sale, so I didn’t buy any. The best time to come is when the movie is gone and dead, on DVD already and forgetten, but lo and behold, the only thing keeping the film relavent is the fruit snacks. But when the market people catch on, it goes on sale to kill the item. That’s when you have to swoop in and buy low, so you can eat high. No deals today, I got nothing.