Sanuki Sandou

Soba or Udon, anyone? The revamped Mitsuwa in West LA, is beginning to turn into an almost cool place. First it’s a remodel of the market, then it’s Santouka ramen, now it’s Sanuki Sandou.

The plastic food display always works. As you can see, the food is reasonable.

Next to Santouka Ramen, Sanuki Sandou will be a fixture. Sanuki, from what I understand is a noodle company. If you’re a fan of the beloved Udon spot that’s now closed down, this has some of the same staff. In the kitchen, I saw the dude who ran the old udon place.

A healthy portion of zaru soba is $2.80 and it’s still served on the bamboo mat. This is great deal.

The key here are the side dishes. It’s one reason why the noodles are so inexpensive. They’re hoping you get at least one side. Pictured are: Kayaku Gohan, chikuwa tempura, and California roll. The Kayaku Gohan is a flavor filled mixed rice that’s $1.80. The California roll wasn’t impressive at $2.50, but the true treasure is the chikuwa (fish cake) seasoned with dried seaweed. $1.20!

Kake soba’s pretty good too, but the zaru soba is definitely better.

A close up of the chikuwa tempura. Definitely get this. To be honest, it’s not the best soba on the planet, it’s pretty good, but at it’s price, it can’t be beat.

Sanuki Sandou
3760 Centinela Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90066