Pho Hong Phat

Who wants pho? In Long Beach on Anaheim Blvd is Pho Hong Phat. Taken by art director friend, Ian who gives this place the thumbs up, I went for the taste test. Of course, the first thing to try is the special pho, in the large size.

The spot isn’t pretty, there was no grade to be found in the window, but the space actually has a second room to help fit the pho fans. However, at the wrong time, people doget stuck waiting outside.

It shows up looking like this. Hot and very simple, the meat is red and the tripe is furry. Of course, you have to break in the basil, bean sprouts, and maybe a chili or two. On the side plate, maybe some sauce to dip your meat. Order a lemonade. Some Vietnamese restaurants do it all wrong, Pho Hong Phat does it all right – and it’s big.

The pho looks simple once everything is mixed in. The soup tastes great, the noodles are nice, and it’s a substantial sized meal. A lot of you might get freaked out by the idea of eating tripe. But it’s actually mild and reminds me more of seafood.

Vietnamese restaurant 101. Pay at the counter after you’re done. See the beautiful chairs?

Have pho and a smile

3243 E Anaheim Street
Long Beach, CA 90804
(562) 498-3754