Edwin Ushiro - Gathering Whispers Monograph

If I could make art with any kind of skill, Edwin Ushiro's work might be what I'd want to do. Edwin's history of growing up in Hawaii mixed with the typical things that kids do, is his pool of creative resources. His monograph, Gathering Whispers is a beautiful collection of Edwin's history between hardcovers. It's in an edition of 1000. (Link)

I've written about art and interviewed many artists for Giant Robot. Edwin was one of them. (I directed a video interview posted at bottom).

Edwin asked me to write the introduction of Gathering Whispers which is a great honor. It was surprisingly difficult to explain feelings jostled by distant memories that are recalled by Edwin's art pieces. I'd either write one filled sentence or I'd need to write a book. This in-between essay is hard. If you'd like to read it, I posted it here and I hope it honors his work.