Giant Robot Time: 1.16.15 – Text and Pictures Artwork Now Available!

giant robot time: 1.16.15 | art by: darren inouye

Solvers by Theo Ellsworth
January 31 - February 18
Reception: Saturday, January 31, 6:30-10PM

Theo Ellsworth hails from the State of Montana. He's a graphic novelist of Capacity, The Understanding Monster (1+2), and designed the cover of an EP by electronic music artist Flying Lotus. Ellsworth will create plenty of new work to adorn the walls and he'll be here in person. Come say hi to Theo Ellsworth.

Enfu: Cute Grit Book Signing / Drawing Demo
Featuring: Enfu, Mari Inukai, and Sho Murase
Saturday, February 7, 2-4PM

Come meet Enfu (Ken Taya) who'll be in person from Seattle. He'll be joined by Mari Inukai and Sho Murase in a drawing demo that'll be projected with plenty of seating. He'll sign books afterwards.

Cute Grit is the debut collection of digitally designed pop art by Japanese American artist Enfu. So named for its fanciful, yet edgy style, this comprehensive compilation of hundreds of colorful illustrations merges childlike imagination with serious exploration of Asian American identity.

Engimono Cookies Set
Asuka Watanabe

Cookie artist Asuka Watanabe hand made these Engimono cookies. Engimono are Japanese lucky charms.
Aloha + Ohana T-shirts

Hawaiian company In4mation is a lifestyle brand for like minded people.
Future Librarian Child T-shirt / Reading Is Sexy Button
Perfect for the bookworms in your life!
Bartkira Book
Katsuhiro Otomo / Matt Groening

Absolutely beautiful collection of Anime / Simpsons mash-up pinup illustrations and comic strips.
  Object 5 Book
Kilian Eng

Swedish artist Kilian Eng makes beautiful illustrations fit for a book.  A new take on fantastic realms.
Hypotrochoid Art Set
Hypotrochoids are mathematical curves traced by a point in a circle (your pen) rolling around the inside of a bigger circle.
  3D Drawing Pad
Using the 3D specs, your black ink drawings appear to float above the page.


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