Giant Robot Time: 3.13.15 – Godeleine de Rosamel Solo Exhibition Opens Tomorrow at GR2!

giant robot time: 3.13.15 | art by: godeleine de rosamel

Life Forms - Godeleine de Rosamel
March 14 - April 1
Reception: Saturday, March 14, 6:30-10pm

French Illustrator Godeleine de Rosamel writes and draws French children’s books while living in Los Angeles. Although the books are not distributed here, she's becoming known for her clay whimsical characters. We've promoted her work for the last three years and the momentum for her pieces continue to grow. Giant Robot is proud to host her solo exhibition which will feature over pieces both part of her familiar cast of characters and some brand new.

Join us at her reception March 14, 2015. She'll be in attendance.
Event   Preview

Self-Watering Animal Planters

Chuppon is hands down the cutest!
Plushes & Keychains
Uglydoll x Star Trek

Your favorite Star Trek characters depicted as Uglydolls!
Mug / Coin Purse Plush

Pusheen is the cutest internet cat.
Aloha Hat  / Astro Aloha Army T-shirt

Cool Astro Boy inspired t-shirt throwing the Shaka.
Bottle Garden
Bottle Gardens use the marvel of hydroponics to grow plants.


Worcester Art Museum x GR - Samurai! Exhibition
April 18 - September 6
Contemporary Gallery
Opening Party: Friday, April 17

Discover the samurai, in history and popular culture! Guest curator Eric Nakamura, editor and founder of Giant Robot Magazine, combines historical Japanese arms and armor from the Worcester Art Museum and John Woodman Higgins collections with work by contemporary artists inspired by samurai and their enduring myth.

Artists in the Exhibition:

On View: Katsuya Terada, Ferris Plock, Rob Sato, Kent Williams, Mu Pan, Miya Ando, Moira Hahn, Yuko Shimizu, Masakatsu Sashie, Jed Henry, James Jean, Kozyndan, Shawn Cheng, Josh Cochran, Esao Andrews, and Stan Sakai

Mural Project (phase two): Andrew Hem, Audrey Kawasaki, Mari Inukai

GR Art Podcast with Enfu - Ken Taya

Art Podcast with Seattle's Enfu - Ken Taya who brings you through his work process and life.

Giant Robot #Mechapeep Window Display by Cassia Lupo

The window display #MechaPeep by Cassia Lupo. Watch the video. It's made by hand and using simple materials.

Beau Sia - Love Beau Sessions 4 Recording and Photos

The evenings of learning more about Beau Sia and the mind of an artist continues. It's a great time to check out the monthly readings since Beau Sia and his partner in crime, Chinaka Hodge have found their form.

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