Giant Robot Time: 3.20.15 – Godeleine de Rosamel Artwork Now Available!

giant robot time: 3.20.15 | art by: godeleine de rosamel

5,000 Years Later - Nikki McClure
April 4 - April 22
Reception: April 4, 6:30-10pm (Nikki McClure will be in attendance)

Nikki McClure's work echo her own cycles in life. From pre-children, to a baby, to a kid growing up, McClure captures it with paper cut pieces using an X-acto knife that are delicate and beautiful. Some pieces echo a working person's world, others echo motherhood, and many celebrate the outdoors.

Worcester Art Museum x GR - Samurai! Exhibition
April 18 - September 6
Contemporary Gallery
Opening Party: Friday, April 17

Discover the samurai, in history and popular culture! Guest curator Eric Nakamura, editor and founder of Giant Robot Magazine, combines historical Japanese arms and armor from the Worcester Art Museum and John Woodman Higgins collections with work by contemporary artists inspired by samurai and their enduring myth.

Artists in the Exhibition:

On View: Katsuya Terada, Ferris Plock, Rob Sato, Kent Williams, Mu Pan, Miya Ando, Moira Hahn, Yuko Shimizu, Masakatsu Sashie, Jed Henry, James Jean, Kozyndan, Shawn Cheng, Josh Cochran, Esao Andrews, and Stan Sakai

Mural Project (phase two): Andrew Hem, Audrey Kawasaki, Mari Inukai

Exhibition Booklet
Godeleine de Rosamel

Released along with her solo show "Life Forms" at our GR2 gallery. This exhibition booklet features photos of Godeleine's sculptures in various locations including her studio.

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Beau Sia
Love Beau — Session Five
Thursday, April 9, 7pm

Hear Beau Sia expose his past and present in a monthly meet up of intimate vulnerability. Love Beau explores Beau's older work and newer work as well - many of which is written that exact day. He reads without judgement and explores love. Opening is Chinaka Hodge!

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