Giant Robot Time: 4.24.15 – Hellen Jo Solo Exhibition Opens Tomorrow at GR2!

giant robot time: 4.24.15 | art by: jed henry (from samurai!)

Drawings by Hellen Jo
April 25 - May 13
Opening Reception: Saturday, April 25, 6:30-10pm

Drawings by Hellen Jo
This exhibition is something we've been waiting for. When will her solo show happen? This is it.

Worcester Art Museum x GR - Samurai! Exhibition
April 18 - September 6
Contemporary Gallery

Discover the samurai, in history and popular culture! Guest curator Eric Nakamura, editor and founder of Giant Robot Magazine, combines historical Japanese arms and armor from the Worcester Art Museum and John Woodman Higgins collections with work by contemporary artists inspired by samurai and their enduring myth.

Artists in the Exhibition:

On View: Katsuya Terada, Ferris Plock, Rob Sato, Kent Williams, Mu Pan, Miya Ando, Moira Hahn, Yuko Shimizu, Masakatsu Sashie, Jed Henry, James Jean, Kozyndan, Shawn Cheng, Josh Cochran, Esao Andrews, and Stan Sakai

Mural Project (phase two): Andrew Hem, Audrey Kawasaki, Mari Inukai


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GR Interview:
Artist Hellen Jo

Hellen Jo is an illustrator and comic book artist, but most of all she's inspiring. While sitting on a recent panel at the LA Zine Fest, most of the panelists cited Hellen Jo as an inspiration. Her work is empowering with a strong viewpoint.

Worcester Art Museum Samurai! Reception Photos

For the many who won't be able to make it or for the many who did enter the doors on April 17th for the reception, here are some photos and some thoughts from the exhibition.

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