Katsuya Terada Drawing Live at Japanese American National Museum 1/3/16

Katsuya Terada pulled off an amazing drawing in the two hour slot at his "studio" area at The Japanese American National Museum. Flickr set 

The live drawing event wasn't planned far in advance. It was more of a "hack." Terada was already drawing in that space and although he had finished his detailed diptych just a day earlier, he was up to do a drawing demo for his fans and visitors. January 3rd was his last day in LA after visiting for a month and it turns out, it's the busy Oshogatsu Day at JANM. Perfect. 

It was great to pack the room and the questions were non-stop which is how he likes it. Yoskay Yamamoto helped with translations. I particularly enjoyed the question about Kim Jung Gi and how he draws vs Terada. The answer revolved around Kim Jung Gi drawing objects that exist while "he" draws things that don't. 

The Terada Dragon deck is cool.

A lot of questions revolved around the pen. It turns out, it's basically a simple Japanese Sharpie. It's available everywhere. It's not about the pen.

If you look closely there are tons of "resting faces."

The final drawing came out amazing. He started and stopped the entire time to talk to everyone. How does he keep up the concentration?