8x8 Begins July 3rd FRIDAY! 12 Noon

An exhibition of pieces 8 x 8 

Although it seems like a simple concept, Asian cultures are often reactive to the number 8. This exhibition will feature pieces in a square format and we thank for the many artists involved in this exhibition.

Adrian Kay Wong
Alfred Liu
Alyssa Mees
Ariel Lee
Armando Gonzales
Brian Luong
Candie Bolton
Cassia Lupo
Defective Pudding
Edwin Ushiro
Erick Martinez
Felicia Chiao
Flat Bonnie
Godeleine de Rosamel
Huntz Liu
Jenny Yu
Keiji Ishida
Lili Todd
Linnea Strid
Luke Chueh
Maggie Chiang
Mari Inukai
Mike Choi
Nathan Ota
Paul Frank
Rain Szeto
Rob Sato
Sean Chao
Seonna Hong
Shawn Cheng
Stella Im Hultburg
Theo Ellsworth
Tiffany Liu
Yellena James
Yoskay Yamamoto
Yu Maeda
Yumi Yamazaki
Yusei Abe

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    I want to buy giorgkio work

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