Art Combini 3 - The Tiny Convention!

Art Combini 3 took place on the last days of July 2022. The event series was concocted when there was an empty gallery on a weekend which happened a record three times thus far in 2022. Instead of closing for a weekend, the space activated into a "tiny convention" featuring curated artists and makers, who spent a chunk of their weekend with us. 

We could have easily called it an "art market" but "combini," which is the Japanese term for a convenience store like 7-11 fit even better. 

Each artist tables at whatever space we have for them. If we have a full house, it's about 10 artists who set up and make their own sales! The event gets streamed and narrated on PopshopLive where viewers can interact with artists and even purchase some of their items. 

We will work on future Art Combini events in the near future. They've all been very short notice, and we thank the artists for promoting themselves and being positive. We also need to thank the generous folks who watched us online. Tram for the Big Boi Party Platter and Vanilla Coffee Cokes which powered us to finish strong, and Byron for the Pizzas! We had an impromptu pizza party! 

More photos from Art Combini 3 can be seen here: Art Combini 3